5 Responses to “New Furniture…MUST Destroy!”

  1. Janet Lazor

    He is so darn cute that you can’t help smile at this, even though it’s only three weeks old. Looks beautiful. Just put black tape on it (that’s what I did with my leather sofa) — but then I don’t have a dog. So sorry about your chair, but that’s what happens and one puts up with when you love your dog!!

  2. Stan

    He’s obviously taking lessons from my basset hound – who enjoys sleeping on my beautiful, antique, inlaid teak wood dining room table. But only after scratching it with his great big basset hound feet. (Oh, he lives in a house with 75% hardwood floors – cuz if you have 4″ long legs and want to sleep on something hard and flat and made of wood the *dining room table* is the obvious place to do so).


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