8 Responses to “No such thing as indestructible”

  1. stars15k

    Yep, this is like my Lucy. We call her a “jack-chi-terrier”. No toy is safe. No squeaker can remain squeaking. And all toys are hers, not a single one belongs to her little brother. Neither does any bed, treat, blanket, or lap. She is a jerk.

  2. Grumpy

    You name your little guy Loki, the Norse God of Mischief and Destruction, and you’re surprised when he rips apart the Indestructible?

  3. Maverick's Companion

    My Aussie does this with every single toy he gets. Some last a long time, but eventually they are all destroyed. Normal toys will be a matter of minutes/hours. The “indestructable” toys will last him at least a few weeks, but eventually they all wind up with stuffing spilling out, limbs removed, etc. He is very mellow for an Australian Shepherd (playful, but needs little exercise), but when he has a toy he has a single-minded drive to methodically remove every limb or smaller bit he can.

  4. Jackie

    Glad to see the little dogs can be toy-killers too! I have yet to find a toy my dog can really enjoy for more than a few minutes. What a cutie! Maybe we can form a test-group for they toy manufacturers with our ‘intensive chewers’!


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