10 Responses to “Oscar has lofty opinions of himself.”

  1. Evie

    A service dog that barks at people who walk by?! That alone is a great dog shaming!! Lmao. Such a cute Doxie

    • Cecelia

      It’s the dachshund way! You’re big but I’ll try to convince you I’m bigger!

  2. Cecelia

    My mom’s mini dachshund takes up half the bed somehow then she sleeps with a humanoid.

  3. Marcia

    He has a service dog tag. A properly trained service dog would not bark at others nor would he be so visible. To learn more about service dogs go to iaadp.org

  4. caia

    Some people need their service dogs to be in visible places. For example, service dogs that alert hard of hearing people to noises they cannot hear (such as sirens or phones).

    However, I agree that a service dog should not bark at passersby. That is something that should be corrected. But it is also possible that this dog is in training, and will learn better soon.


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