12 Responses to “Party guy!”

  1. Marion Warr

    If he isn’t micro-chipped yet, get it for him. Police and vets/shelters have scanners to find the owner from the chip. Make sure you update your information when you change an address and/or phone number. After the initial cost at the vet ($20) it is like subscribing to a magazine each year. I pay $16 a year and that includes insurance that if they are injured while away from home a vet can treat my dog until I can be reached. Oh, and a pair of glasses would have been a nice touch in the shaming picture.

  2. Karen

    Oh dear god I wouldve been in bits! Bad dog! Out on the razzle dazzle as you say, but doesnt look a but repentent!

  3. Leslin

    Thank goodness he was found safe and sound.. it can be an absolute nightmare to have your pet run away!

  4. michelle by bell

    Glad you found him. I agree about the micro chipping. Both of my recues have chips. BTW…I think Party Boy looks like a cross of Caesar’s two dogs, Daddy and Junior….just saying that’s my take! Handsome!!

  5. Laura

    Aww…poor boy! Hopefully this will humiliate him enough to not go out and party all night! Love the nail polish 😉


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