10 Responses to “Petroleum Pup”

  1. Nadja

    When my dog ate a pair of suede gloves, his vet suggested I feed him vaseline or baby oil to help it pass so he would hopefully not need surgery. It was horrible for the both of us; I kept forcing him to drink baby oil and he’s looking at me with this watery “Why? What did I EVER do to you?” He continued to give me that look for the next couple days whenever we went for walks, as his insides were WELL lubricated!

  2. Jeri Studt

    I had an elderly pug who got a hold of a bottle of baby oil and just nursed on it like it was a bottle. Sucked half of it down before I caught him. Man, that was an unpleasant couple of days for all concerned.

  3. Pat

    OMG……this looks sooo much like my dog who, thankfully, does not eat vaseline!

  4. Jeannine Sabisch

    If it ever happens again maybe you could put a diggie diaper on her until all the petroleum troubles have “passed” lol.

  5. Michelle

    Thanks for all the comments…..Euney seems to have finally detoxed herself and is going strong with her Vaseline Anonymous Program. However, I am making certain she doesn’t relapse before buying new furniture. =)


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