14 Responses to “Public Shaming of Isis”

  1. Olivia

    My PB did that when he was a puppy. Chewed up an even longer list of items! Coffee table! Chair, rug, sofa cushions, took all the laundry out of the laundry bag, spread it around, and went to sleep on the bedspread that was mashed into the MIDDLE of the laundry bag. All without THUMBS! Chewed up my piggy bank so that it looked like it had rained pennies in my apt.!!!!!!!!!!!!So I got soup bones and left him with those when I went to work. And a very good dog walker! PB pups need A LOT of exercise. Good luck, it gets better 🙂

  2. Kendra

    My pup named Isis has also destroyed: 1 door jam, 4 crates, 2 floors, un countable cups and bowls, 3 bras, 1 door. And things I couldn’t even identify after he was done.

  3. Jeri Studt

    As I tell my dog … good thing you’re cute! We had a big boxer who went through a major destructive phase while working through his anxiety issues. He could chew his way through any crate known to man and destroyed doors if you tried to confine him to a room. He also disapproved of Wii Sports, for some reason. He calmed down after he was with us for a while.

  4. biochemphd2

    I was going to suggest the Thundershirt. Works great for my pei and she has had separation anxiety since birth. TV, hearing people talk helps and mine loves PBS because the children shows literally talk to you. It does get better.

  5. Christina

    i feel your pain! i have 3 pits and a cattledog and all of them went thru that naughty puppy phase even destroying my leather couches!! UGH! BUT i love them so much! I call them my “stone cold pack of weirdo’s”


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