11 Responses to “Roscoe’s regret”

  1. ealdorian

    If it contained vine-fruit please get checked with a vet. For a percentage of dogs (no way of knowing which) vine fruit can cause kidney failure – by time symptoms show, it can be too late. Your dog is lovely, please be careful

  2. Stressfactor

    Most traditional fruitcakes don’t contain vine fruit. Grapes and such are not fruitcake material. Even most ‘unusual’ fruitcake varieties I’ve seen lean more to apricots or pineapple for the fruit content. On top of that there are probably not enough real fruits in a fruitcake to cause problems.

    If it was a rum or brandy soaked variety they might have to not let Roscoe drive or operate heavy machinery for a while though…. : >

  3. heatherkay

    The fact that it was a fruitcake that was eaten means this picture was probably submitted back in December.

  4. MrsShep

    Better question…why was there fruitcake in the house to begin with? Yuck.

  5. j pape

    vine fruit ie grapes are dried to make raisins and sultanas, the most traditional of fruit cake ingredients in the UK,and so bad for dogs. I hope Roscoe is ok.

  6. zephyr

    @J Nielsen that is really funny. Thanks for my laugh of the day. Roscoe looks like he’s asking for a tummy rub after over-eating 🙂

  7. Caitlin

    Do you know Roscoe’s mix? He looks almost exactly like my dog– only my dog’s nose is slightly less pushed in and he has bigger pointier ears

  8. Maggie

    As the owner of Roscoe, I can assure you all that he is fine. Thanks for your concern about him!
    Caitlin, we don’t know what kind of mix he his.


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