8 Responses to “Skittles Strikes Again”

  1. Arik Goldsmit

    Know the feeling. Our six year old longhaired chocolate and tan dachsie ALWAYS ends up with paint on her. We are never sure how… but she does.

  2. kathryn

    I see an awful lot of doxies on DS………..cute, but not so innocent, huh? lol

    • GreenGemini

      I was just thinking the same thing. But as an owner of two doxies….I completely understand!

  3. Amber

    Yes doxies are known to be adorable and kinda bratty. My mini doxie has chewed up and peed on pretty much everything. I can’t help loving her though. She’s so cuddly and loveing.

  4. Linda Mallery

    Yup, I have four and they are the sweetest little destroyers your could find. After they ate six beds, they are down to sleeping in blankets. And woe to the person who forgets to lock the pantry door, they can get food anywhere.

  5. dogz-mom

    I’ve got two dachshunds we lovingly refer to as Uday &the Kusay only because they are so destructive.

  6. Lucy

    Our doxie was just the opposite. I mean, sure we called him Evil Frank and all. But he never chewed up a thing! And we had an open pantry with foodstuffs stacked on the floor. He wouldn’t eat fried foods or anything out of a can. He won 1st Place for Best Costume in his mom-made tux with red cumberbund and tails at the local Twilight event, and could do 9 tricks in a row, not ever in the same order. AND he could actually say “Mama.” Hey, I had a lot of time on my hands after work, and had no money. He was cheap entertainment. We walked for miles every day. And, at 14, he passed away 10 days ago. Can you say ‘lonely’?


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