19 Responses to “Sorry I ate your dinner”

  1. Beth Werrell

    Oooooooh, I hope you have an easily hosed-down room you can confine him to while he “gets that out of his system.” Yikes!

  2. Tom H.

    Aww, buddy, livin’ the dream. Hope he’s OK and that you had a good backup plan for dinner!

  3. Sunny

    He is adorable and looks so sorry. Sounds like maybe you had to go out to eat then lol.

    • Bobbie Grumbling

      And when you had to go out to dinner… I bet that baby STILL expected his doggy bag! Cute pup!

  4. Julie Distel

    He is a cutie and it does look like a mug shot. Is he Italian or does he eat every cultural food, ifbleft unattended?


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