7 Responses to “Stolen goods”

  1. Kathy Muench

    Oh, my…. this is so funny…. something my dog has done….. glad I am not the only one that has gone through this… Your pup is adorable by the way – I love the eyes!…. Well worth a little undergarment stealing…..

  2. Kristina

    Oh my goodness, my Gracie has a twin!!! And my other dog Eddie used to do the same thing! Even better, he would take them out in the yard and leave them there for guests to see…

  3. Jennifer Dixon

    When I first put in a dog door, my boxer would go through the hamper and get all my sweatiest workout clothes, take them out and spread them in the back yard. He would only shred (or eat) the underwear, the rest, he left for the neighbors to admire….I assume.


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