6 Responses to “Toasty Buns”

  1. Adrian

    My dog does the same thing with the seat warmer in my car. He even knows which button to push to turn it on. He likes a warm bootie!

  2. Stressfactor

    My family used to have a toy poodle that did this with an electric space heater. She and I used to fight for the space in front of the heater since I liked to put my feet in front of it and she wanted to warm up her butt. At one point she even sat on my feet in order to win.

  3. Mindy

    Ha!! We’ve had two different dogs so this! We have floor vents and as soon as the heat comes one he’s over there with his bottom firmly planted on the vent! He was also the “sunshine finder” – he’d find the one solitary patch of sun coming in the window and fall asleep in it.


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