6 Responses to “Toe Jam is the Best!”

    • Kimboo

      LOL Yes they will. I had one that ate a whole pan of lasagna. She was literally green!

  1. deb

    Our beagles ate pretty much anything, too-one ate a pocket of my (then) boyfriend’s jeans-while he was wearing them.

  2. Debi Moore

    My beagle boys are always eating something that they shouldn’t be……and they are never ashamed …….. they just look at me with their beautiful faces and continue chewing on it! 🙂

  3. Susan Walsh

    Our beagle Clancy, who went to heaven at the age of 16 years back in 1995, once ate 2 Thanksgiving pies and was working on the third when we caught him in the act! Thank God none of them were chocolate! He devoured a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, and was working on the lemon meringue! These were homemade pies, made by my grandma. Well, Clancy definitely had good taste! We called our vet and he said well he’ll probably regurgitate so be prepared for that but if he’s in pain or has trouble breathing, bring him right in. Nope. He did not get sick, did not even get distressed or bloated! In our family and circle of friends, the story of Clancy & the Pies is legendary!


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