8 Responses to “Toxic Avenger”

  1. bj

    Awareness is always good – As long as your dog isn’t crying because of intestinal pain, his reaction to his own farts is funny. I had a Yorkie that would fart, turn and look at me like “what the heck!?!” and leave the room – – of course she would do that when my husband farted too. 🙂

  2. Stressfactor

    Also, we don’t know — the farts may be rare. My Rattie rarely gets gas but when she does she goes all the way! And she leaves the room as well.

  3. Napole

    Whenever our toy poodle mutt cuts the cheese, often it’s Vieux Boulogne type, it is barely audible but its pungency is impossible to ignore!

  4. Sarahlou

    He looks just like our dog. Is he a whippet or Italian Greyhound? Ours is a rescue, so we are not sure which breed.


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