16 Responses to “Unstoppable”

  1. Sassie's Mom

    We call it “kitty kandy” at my house. The cat and I are disgusted, but the border collie things we are weird!

  2. Gaby C.

    The litter box sand can’t be good for the dog either…time to put the boxes out of it’s reach

  3. Reesek

    Both my dogs did the same thing. Would come up from the basement with grey dusted noses that were once black! Had to put up a baby gate and made the cat do acrobatics to use the litter box! Puppy crack is right!

  4. Lori

    We put up a baby gate and cut out a cat door. Our dogs were on the KitKat crack bad! This solution has worked so far! Good luck

  5. MyDogMags

    I could replace your dog with a pic of my dog …. she does the same thing!! SO nasty! We have blocked off the cat box, which has fixed the problem. But then she always finds “tasty treats” outside from the feral cats that live in our neighborhood. I have to watch her like a hawk while we are out on walks!

  6. penny

    My dog did the same disgusting thing. Vet said to give my dog a tablespoon of pumpkin in his foid. Makes cat poop taste bad. Did it for a month wont go near cat poop anymore. There are also pills yoy can get a petsnart

  7. CareaBearaSara

    fyi, you can ask your vet for a packet of “forbid” you sprinkle it ontheir food, and it will make the poo undesirable. works in my house

  8. Bobbina

    I was able to foil my little monsters with the litter box but what to do about yummy cat vomit? My dogs hear a cat retching and their little heads pop up, “me thinks dessert is coming”. As soon as you hear the *splat* you would have to be an Olympic sprinter to beat them to the location of their “dessert”. YUGH!!!

  9. Susan D

    My vet, about 20 yrs ago, put it like this to me. “Imagine there is a very large box of chocolate that you love, sitting in your house, right within your reach. Now you know you shouldn’t eat the whole box, but sometimes you just can’t resist! It’s the same way with dogs & cat poo in the litter box. “. Wise words!


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