5 Responses to “Your forgot the recycling!”

  1. Andrea

    Tyson and Truman…. double Ts, double trouble!! But they look a little proud of themselves!
    (On another note, don’t wanna sound all “preachy” but onions are NOT good for dogs! Be aware!)

  2. Annie Persico

    Labs are notorious garbage hounds. I had 2 Yellows and had to keep the trash in a locked pantry. It doesn’t matter how many toys they have, even puzzle toys and kongs. There’s always something better in the garbage and the pantry. One of mine once managed to get the lid off a brand new jar of peanut butter and between the two of them, they ate the entire jar.

  3. mstevens357Mary Stevens

    I sooooo sympathize! I have 2 counter surfers myself. You might want to check out Simple Human trash/dog food containers. It won’t solve your pantry issues but mine have not been able to defeat the containers I got from there (Bed, Bath + Beyond carries their trash cans but they have a nice dog food container with a great latch system).

  4. J.D.

    LOL you should train them to sort the recycling while they take care of the composting


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