8 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Mason”

  1. Laura Amend

    He’s gorgeous!!! Wish I could take him, but I hope he goes to a wonderful forever home soon.

    • Mae

      FROG BUTT! That’s an amazing term! One of our pitties lays down like this all the time and we never found a good enough term to describe it until now!

      • stars15k

        We call this “frog dog”. We’ve had many dogs do it, but it’s most fun when it’s my mini-doxie, Lil’ Squirt, who then drags himself for a few feet before getting to his feet. He’s got a wonky back, but has always done it….I think it’s a big assisted stretch.

    • heatherkay

      My chowish-y mutt frog dogs on the cool wet grass when we go for walks on summer mornings. Maximizing the surface area in contact with grass.


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