11 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Puddin’”

  1. Frannie

    Frequently a dog’s first time to be in a house is when they are placed in their foster home. I hope no one is judging this sweet baby because he peed on a few rugs. Usually dogs learn manners in their foster homes…they aren’t plug-n-play! I had a foster doodle once who peed everywhere in my house the first couple of weeks I had him – by the time he was adopted out, he had perfect house manners. Everything is cleanable…and if it’s not and it freaks you out that a dog might pee, poop, or puke on your pristine home then don’t get a dog (or have a child).

    • BuddyKees

      I would much prefer blunt honesty about a dog’s short or long term issues. Don’t you want her to get adopted by someone who falls in love with her despite her shortcomings and is willing to work with her on whatever behavioral “issues” she might have?? Most likely she should go to a dog-savvy household and not to first-timers. I have heard way too many stories about families with the best of intentions adopting dogs for which they were unprepared because they either weren’t given full disclosure about the dog or because they weren’t prepared for a dog displaying “unwanted” behavior when put into an unfamiliar situation.

    • Denise

      Well said Frannie. I must admit at first I thought the same thing as the other commenters about making it harder for her to be adopted. However, all animals being fostered have suffered some trauma which will be expressed in some unwanted behavior. Being informed and prepared will help make the adoption truly forever!

  2. may

    I thought the same thing as Frannie. She’s is getting all the peeing on stuff out of her system at her foster home then she’ll be ready when she gets adopted.

  3. Andrea

    Some pee on the rug is a small price to pay for the total, complete, unconditional love (and awesomeness) of a dog!!!

  4. Kate

    Puddin is a beautiful pup with the prettiest eyes. How cool is it that she grabbed that Easter ham? Way to go, Puddin! You “Rock” with the best of them….. You are sure to be a lot of fun to a great spunky home…. Bless your foster parents. They’ll have you all ready to go….

  5. stella

    I think it is good for the Adoptable Friday posts to be totally honest – don’t want the dog to be returned to the shelter/foster home. However, this one sounds like it is supposed to be cute or charming that the dog pees in the house. And the “Her foster mom is so kind to take her for two weeks” implies that the dog has been quite a handful. They should phrase it a little nicer (like “Puddin’ is still learning how to live in the house and needs patience with housebreaking”) and they should include good things about the dog too – loves to cuddle, great with kids, etc…


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