8 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Zoe”

  1. Cindy

    Are they sure she’s a mix? She looks ALL Walker to me!! Gonna have to ask hubby if he wants another Walker……<3

    • Anna

      Cindy, We have no way of knowing whether she’s a mix or purebred, she showed up at a rural shelter as a stray, so there is a lot about her we can only guess at. Please do check her out, and consider adopting if you can!

  2. Taylor

    I love treeing walkers! My family has one (she’ll be 12 in June) and Addie, our dog, has gotten into all kinds of trouble, but tearing paper is her favorite. She will do it if she thinks we haven’t paid enough attention to her that day. They are such stubborn dogs, but are so loyal. Addie has run away a couple of times, but always comes back with a present (once it was someone’s frozen raw chicken). They are great cuddlers and a great dog to grow up having (seeing as how i am only 19). I highly recommend adopting one. My dog is also a Tennessee rescue.


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