19 Responses to “All your water are belong to me”

  1. Alex

    Shortly after adopting a kitty, I found out he’d stick his paw down in my glass and then lick off his paw. Not cute in general and concerning when it was a screwdriver.

    • Lovanne

      One of my cats would do that, esecially with my bedside water glass. As an elegant touch she’d finish off by shaking her paw to remove any lingering water drops, drops that invariably ended up on my naked flesh *UGH*

  2. Karen

    I don’t understand the caption on this photo. Should it have been edited? What does “water are belong to me” mean?

  3. Lacy

    I’m lucky my Kitties will drink out of mine, but if there are guests they know that they are absolutely NOT to drink out of theirs.

  4. Pinta's People

    Gandalf could well be some pups adopted brother or cousin 😉 And family is family.
    Besides he is cute

  5. Hollie

    Karen – it is a geek thing 🙂 A videogame translation came out to “all your base are belong to us” instead of “your base now belongs to us” in the early 90’s and it was made popular again around 2000 with a video. Guess it is still around.

  6. Anna

    What a cutie! Our dog and cat both do this – they will ignore fresh, cool water in their bowls for stale water in a glass anytime. Interesting to see they are not the only ones.

  7. Tracy Marander

    Long before there were reusable water bottles or plastic ones, I finally figured out to put my water in an old juice jar with a lid, so my cat would stop drinking, putting his paws in, or knocking over the water glass.

  8. Stitchkitty

    Try giving him his own glass of water. I do that with my friend’s cat when she comes to my place. It usually satisfies her.

  9. Lea Medeiros

    You might want to try a pet fountain – the “fresh” water fools my cats, who were so picky they’d only drink from a faucet until I got a pet fountain. Definitely figure something out – cats need lots of water to avoid kidney problems!

  10. Alison

    Tinfoil with a straw poked through works for me. Got the idea from my mom — works for her too!


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