6 Responses to “Anything on the ground is fair game.”

  1. Lisa Leger

    That ought to teach ya to take her with you next time. My father’s dog ate the entire dashboard, the door handles and all the way through the seats to the springs. I know the feeling LOL 😉

  2. maggiemaycal

    I lost a wiring harness AND a steering column, headliner and door panels………still love him tho’, it’s only a car, he’s my bed snuggler…. On a different note, I got my replacement through a junkyard….$150 plus labor, didn’t do the headliner or door panels…..

  3. Anita Ramirez

    uh oh…. Lola is in trouble…. but she is too cute to be mad at…. she was just hanging out in her cave….

  4. MamieVi

    My dog has a car seat. I never travel with her loose in the car. She is much safer tied into her car seat.

    • aila

      I don’t think she was left in the car alone, she was under the seat while travelling and because she likes to be under things, like my dog, she kept herself busy under there!!!


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