14 Responses to “Binge and Purge Pug”

  1. Erin

    Sadly, my puggle did this, too. I got her one of those fancy bowls (maybe Martha Stewart?) at the pet store that have big raised bean-shaped things to slow her down. It works and it was less than $10! And I don’t have to listen to the wrenching noises, big win!

  2. Kristina

    You can also put a tennis ball in the bowl to slow them down. Lately, I’ve been adding water to the dog food and that also seems to slow them down.

  3. Hugh

    Our Chocolate Lab was an “inhaler” too, and he had similar issues when the unchewed food hit his stomach. Our solution was to feed him in a 12-muffin pan; that slowed him down enough so that he could digest his food.

  4. Michele

    My Boxer eats like a rabid wolverine. He has a “slow down” bowl which makes him take maybe an extra 30secs to eat. I always feed him dinner in his Kong Wobbler which slows him to about 10 minutes and entertains him.

  5. Tisha Rae Fromal

    You can also try feeding them on a cookie sheet… that way he’ll have to chase the food around to catch it. It worked for our Boxer who used to do the same thing.
    Good luck with the eating disorder! 🙂

  6. Meredith W

    My dog would stick his nose in the bowl, and whatever stuck to his nose…he’d put on the floor and eat. His breakfast took him like 5 or 6 hours to eat because he was eating one piece at a time hahaha

  7. stars15k

    My mini-doxie had this problem, but we use communal bowls, so didn’t want to impede his “Grandma Patches” (our 17 year old Jack Russell, since passed). We found that bigger kibble was the answer. It made him chew it, so it didn’t come back.

  8. Kellie

    I agree with the editor’s note, my German Shepherd has megaesophagus and regurgitating and then eating it over and over again is a big red flag! Your pup could get aspiration pneumonia and may need to be on a liquid diet and fed from a standing position, definitely get him checked out! There’s a support group on Facebook if you have any questions. 🙂


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