5 Responses to “Crock Pot Killer”

  1. Tracy H

    That top picture makes Lacey look like a vicious beast. An adorable fluffy vicious beast. Love.

  2. Leslin

    I wouldnt call her a ” vicious beast” more like she is reflecting all the naughtiness and mischief that is inside her!

  3. Lisa

    Both pictures are hilarious. As if you could be a vicious killer with a name like Lacey and a face like that.

  4. Gerri

    My Levi is a cord chewer. Not even chewing through a fan cord and being shocked 3 feet stops him. He especially loves the heavy duty orange outdoor cords. Have to put them away in the closet or he will chew them up – especially the chunky outlet part. He feels bad afterwards.


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