10 Responses to “Dale the thief!!”

  1. S D Atherly

    It’s a cat thing. Ike does it too. He especially likes to play with them at 3 am on the hardwood floors. Must get more bounce out of them.

  2. jami

    My cat loves them as well. She even tries and steal them off my wrists when she thinks I’m not paying attention.

  3. Pinta's People

    ROFL – Cute kitty! And so self entertaining! My cousins cat liked to drop anything it could find and carry in the toilet! Now she caused troubles!
    Our Pinta says she doesn’t mind hearing about a shamed cat or horse or anything else that might take a little blame off the dogs hehe.

  4. Andrea

    When I had a cat years ago, she used to go bonkers over the plastic ring you pull off the milk jug. She would “fetch” it and play with it! It was so cute.

  5. Gina

    I had a bulldog who was keen on eating anything and everything she could get her paws on (Q-tips were her fave!) but one time she got one of my large headbands without my knowing it. The next day I had to “glove up” and pull it out of her butt when she passed it. We were both very lucky she didn’t end up with a blockage.


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