16 Responses to “Eating Grandma and Grandpa’s House”

  1. deb

    I like how the one on the right is avoiding eye contact and is trying to act like nothing is wrong.

  2. Jacque

    This is too funny! The one on the left looks like he’s thinking “Big deal, so we ate it.” and the other one looks like “I’m so sorry, Mommy (Daddy). He made me do it!”

  3. Lisa

    The one on the left is NOT amused by being made to wear a sign. And the one on the right is saying “It was totally not me.”

  4. Toni

    I love the look on the face of the one on the left. He couldn’t care less that he ate the wall, and its true the one on the right looks like he would be whistling. These dogs are a hoot!

  5. Emily

    Hmm..one is so ashamed he won’t look at the camera and the other is like “yeah, I did it, so what?” Haha!

  6. Andrea

    The one on the right has such a human-like expression. I think I’ve seen that same face on some of my students before!!

  7. Camille L.

    “So…What of it?” (dog on left)
    “I’m just going to act like I didn’t hear that”. (dog on right)

  8. Gavin

    Romney usually starts the trouble and poor Reese gets drug into the trouble by her sister. Romney is the one on the left and Reese is the one on the right. They are the best little rascals we could ask for!


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