8 Responses to “Firestarting Counter Surfer”

  1. Rachael Shaw

    You are not the only one who has done that. My old brown dog Buddy did that when I was not home with the stove, and managed to shove papers inside it also. I came home to a smelly house and burnt papers. Thankfully I came home to a house.

  2. Juliette

    Our yellow-lab mix loves to stove & counter surf too (even though he’s been told not to for 10 years). My husband made a wooden strip with notches that slips over the knobs so the knobs can’t be turned on when it is in place. I think baby-proofing knobs might work as well.

  3. Stella

    How wonderful to have such a responsible dog, who cares so much for your safety, that he arranges emergency fire drills in the middle of the night.


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