10 Responses to “For sale”

  1. Anita Ramirez

    Wonder what he did to get the sign…. ha.. ha… there have been times that my dogs have chewed up something that I really liked and I thought about putting them on the street corner with a sign… ha.. ha…

  2. poodlegirl

    I don’t think she looks fearful of being sold AT ALL. And I don’t think she looks ashamed either. Just thinking the sign is silly and “take it off now please”.

  3. Thiajoka

    Don’t worry about it. Our last doggie, who is now deceased due to old age, was a handful until her final day. I put her up for sale on FB many, many times.

  4. Stressfactor

    Oh yeah, I get this. My baby has ‘leash aggression’ issues and whenever she has one of her ‘suitcase nuke’ meltdowns and bites me I’m tempted to find her a new home. Then I remember that no one else would probably put up with it and work with her to end her ‘suitcase nuke’ episodes. So I forgive her and all is happy again… after I put antibiotics and a band-aid on my bite…


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