10 Responses to “I Dig It”

  1. Linda

    Mine makes a game of knocking her ball under various pieces of furniture and trying to get it out, and then when it is stuck making us get it out for her. She will do this over and over and over. And yes we have scratches on all those pieces of furniture now. Oh well.

  2. Laura

    Your dachshund is bred to dig for small rodents, s/he is probably bored. Find activities that satisfy his hunting instinct to do at playtime and this behavior should stop or get better.

  3. sia

    ooh yea, i know this ‘game’ well… my doxie loves doing this… its amazing how they have us trained! he’ll whine until i get up, crawl under the couch to get his ball, then he does is all over again. and so do i! lol!!

  4. Monica

    My dachshund does the same thing. He destroyed one couch, one ottoman and countless dog beds “burying his ball.” We give him a “dog blanket” with his ball so he can bury it in there and dig and pick it all he wants, and he doesn’t destroy anything else but the blanket and just makes a mess that makes me vacuum more.

  5. Heather

    Our dachshund does the same thing and it makes me crazy! Lately though we have a new game she loves where I wrap her favourite toy up in a blanket and say “go get it!” She totally loves this game and I swear her need to hide toys in hard to reach places has also gone way down. Try it!

  6. K.Ahram

    My 6 year old does this! He then proceeds to bark at it until I get it…and then proceeds to continue the process over and over again. So smart but no common sense. lol


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