5 Responses to “I stole and buried the baby’s bottle”

  1. Kati Eason

    This dog looks exactly like my own dog! I’ve never known the breed, we always just say dalmatian pit mix. Does anyone know anything more specific??

  2. biochemphd2

    Just thinking out loud – this adorable dog is named ‘Ruckus’. Does anyone else see the irony? I think he is letting his humans know he has a sense of humor and paying them back for the name.

  3. Bridget

    You named me Ruckus! Just trying to earn the name. I’m doing good, aren’t I Mommy?

  4. may

    Growing up we had a pit mix who used to burry stuff mostly his toys and chew things we gave him. He was so good at it we never knew where he put them. There was no trace of where he had dug. The only way we knew he was digging was the dirt on his nose. After he passed away my parents got a lab who within the first week found and unearthed all the treasures.

  5. Rascal's Mom

    My Rascal (name he came with when we rescued him) has similar markings and we did a DNA test. Came back as Australian Cattle Dog/Boxer/30 other breeds mix. But Rascal’s nose/snout is a lot longer- I might say Aus Cattle Dog/Pit mix for Ruckus. And in regards to the name, love it. Based on Rascal’s similar behavior, our friends said if we adopt another dog, we might want to think about naming him “Sit” or “Stay” or “Calm Dog” 🙂


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