7 Responses to “I’d like to make an order for carryout…”

  1. MMH

    A face like that could cause me to open the pizza box and let him eat the whole thing.

  2. TEE

    When I make pizza from scratch, I make a little extra “puppy pizza.” I put just plain tomato sauce on it and a little cheese.

  3. bringontheshaming

    LOL!!! He’s stuck between a look of “Oh crap! I’m so, so sorry!” and a look of “Awww…who cares??? This is so dang good!”

  4. Gerri

    Awww, how could you be mad at that face? It’s like he’s saying “I just couldn’t help myself!” What a sweetheart!

  5. Red

    There is no way known that I could possibly be angry at a face like that. It’s only a picture and *I* want to give him a big hug!


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