9 Responses to “In Need of Carpet”

  1. Jenna

    My plott hound is the same way. She results in backing up everywhere when she has to cross the floor. It’s pitiful and hilarious all at the same time. 🙂

  2. DogMom

    Try that with a 75-pound dog! My older Doberman became nervous of walking on wooden floors a few years ago. So, we have a series of “runners (rugs” throughout the non-carpeted parts of the house, to make her feel more secure. Poor babies!

  3. Sarah

    ha! my dog Pete (an Akbash over 100 pounds, and usually covered in something he rolled in nearby cow pastures) is terrified of non-carpet floors too! You couldn’t drag him into the kitchen with a steak. Unless we were gone, then somehow the house was redecorated with kitchen trash.

  4. Trina L. Foster

    My Mom’s Pomeranian Pippy was the exact same way! She would back up, spin around, whine, bark, do everything possible EXCEPT step foot onto ANYTHING but carpet? It was ridiculous ha ha ha when my mom passed away and Pippy came to live with me in my house of tile OH Brother! I had to buy little carpets /rugs to put down all through the house so she could get around but it was still not good enough so I had to lay towels and sheets to bridge ANY gaps! Ha ha ha The house of Towels & Sheets scattered all over the floors so Pippy could get over the RUFF Terrain known as that TERRIBLE TILE !
    Poor Pippy…. So Sweet, So Smart, So Cute, and yet Sooo Screwy <3 Loved that girl with all my heart <3

  5. Linda Sun

    My 5lbs chihuahua when told to sit when in the kitchen will do the moonwalk until his hind legs hit carpet, and only then will he sit with only his butt on carpet. Cutest ever to see him do moonwalk


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