12 Responses to “It wasn’t us!”

  1. Kathy Kimzey

    It’s clearly obvious that they were protecting you from that big scary chair…the poop was to mark their territory to assure the chair didn’t return to invade your living room. LOL, clearly need to treat them to a good belly rub and treat or two…JUST KIDDING. Thanks for sharing and being able to turn your unfortunate situation into a smile for others. 😉

  2. WitDickman

    My dog did the exact same thing to my brothers vintage chair. Left a deuce too

  3. Brenda

    So is life with almost any terrier. I share your disappointment and endless delight.

  4. Kay

    Oh, Bostons. That’s why we crate our little dev- I mean, ANGEL when we’re not home. I love those little smooshy faces though. I’m a sucker for them.

  5. Bobbina

    Well the poop is not their fault. Chairs are very high in indigestible fiber 😉

  6. Coory Murray

    They would prefer if you didn’t go to work…and the poop is a love message:)

  7. Mona

    I have a Boston that’s a yr old he is a crazy person rips up and chews everything, good thing he’s cute


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