12 Responses to “It’s because I’m old.”

  1. :)

    this actually made me tear up a little. My sweet boy beagle—my Mom would say he was going deaf but I would prove her wrong by picking up something edible in the next room. Suddenly my “deaf dog” was at my feet :). He had selective hearing. I miss that little Hoover so much!

  2. freeflowgirl

    We’ve got one of these! 🙂 The selective-deaf part, anyway. He’s a corgi spaniel mix, 15 and with various issues. But his attitude hangs in there!

  3. Debi Moore

    So hard to watch our sweet doggies grow old! My sweet old beagle is 13 1/2 and has developed the selective hearing problem!! 🙂 Beau still has his same spunky attitude…he may be slowing down but he is still very much loved!

  4. Dani

    Ha ha! My dog has selective deafness as well. But he’ll do a “flying dog ninja spin” if he hears the pantry door open or the crinkle of a bread bag. you have to love them.

    • Laurie

      I thought I was the only one who had a dog that did the “flying dog ninja spin”!

  5. Dixie

    I think we all feel our dogs do that at some point. My schnauzer is 11, but if I think about it, I think he has done this for awhile.
    Not sure if this is an age thing, b/c when you think about it, teenagers act the same way!! lol

  6. Thiajoka

    We had a selective-hearing one, too. She died last year at the age of 15–OMG, I just realized that yesterday was a year.

  7. stars15k

    Patches, our first Jack Russell and the world’s best dog, was 18 when we lost her. But she could here an egg crack from a mile away. She taught it to her pupil, then just a pup. Now any cracking sound, or even the squeak of the egg carton and he is there. Started getting cardboard cartons, and he’s even learning that. And any cheese….

  8. Napole

    Our 3 year old “Queen O’ the Castle” definitely has selective hearing loss. However, she could hear the quaintest lifting sound of the treat jar’s lid being opened! As other posts here, her attitude gets higher as she climbs her ladder of age.

  9. Ed

    I remember the Vet telling me my Cocker was blind, but I told the Vet, funny enough he could see fine when someone was walking into the kitchen.

  10. Stephanie

    Moby looks like my dog Bridget, who is also old and getting deaf, but who can hear food a long way away. Food trumps all.


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