8 Responses to “Jax the Jack Russell Terrier”

  1. Meagan

    I don’t understand why behavioural problems are so “cute” to others. Sounds like Jax needs some doggy rehab. After I finished rehabbing my jack russell, she hasn’t bit another dog in months!

  2. Kate

    It’s “Dog Shaming” they love their dog and they know they need help…. It helps other people understand that they aren’t alone in their journey to understand their furry loves. <3 . Jax will get rehab…. or Jax will loose his friends…. Your pup is a great example that it can be done. 🙂 Beautiful ears!

  3. stars15k

    I have had three Jacks (although we believe the grandfather of our Lucy might have been a Chihuahua), and I recognize that look. He is very smart, isn’t he? You can tell. Love the wire hair. Our Lucy has those same ears. They don’t miss a thing.

  4. Sammiegirl

    lighten up people it’s Dog Shaming. It’s not your job to bash other peoples pet parenting skils.Get over yourself.

  5. Stressfactor

    Plus, JRT’s — like my own Rattie — have a tendency to want to be ‘leader of the pack’ as well as ‘not suffering fools gladly’ those two tendencies lead to them often giving a nip here and there. With my Rattie there was no “rehab” really needed — just a little more socialization than she was currently getting. I’m sure Jax will work everything out in time…. or else he’ll end up getting the ‘Alpha dog’ position that he believes is rightfully his and he’ll quit trying to make other dogs toe his line.


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