9 Responses to “Lazy Dachshund”

  1. Laura

    My dachshund’s the same. She sleeps in the middle of the bed. Rarely goes outside, uses puppy pads in the house!! Gets up long enough to eat, use pad and then finds her way back onto the bed. *smh*

  2. Gina

    I can’t blame her, just look at that cozy bed, blanket, jacket and booties? Those shoes are the cutest, I need some!!

  3. stars15k

    My Lil” Squirt is the same! Under the covers, maybe getting up around 10 or so…..until he discovered a box of Pop-Tarts, which he sampled. Now to get him up, I just need to toast a PopTart. Simply bread, or even English muffins don’t wake him up. Only Pop-Tarts.

  4. Sinatra

    Dis pupper almost as cute as my cousin Sheldon! We nefur can get him to sit still enough for a Dog Shaming picture!

  5. mia

    Matilda our mini dachshound is exactly the same. Sleeps every night tucked up next to us! As for leaving the house to pee, forget that, her servants will clean up after her.

  6. Sue

    That’s doxies for ya – I have two minis – they won’t wear their coats and won’t go outside if the atmosphere is less than perfect – meaning too hot, too cold, rainy, snowing or anything else they deem unsuitable.


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