11 Responses to “Lilli is too smart for her own good”

  1. ch3no2freak

    its ok. she’s too smart. I have a lilly of my own and there is nothing smart about that dog lol. so i think it evens out.

  2. Lisa

    She is one smart girl! Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when she was in that bathroom.

  3. Carol Chappell

    It’s really cute how she stuffed herself onto that small piece of countertop to save her feet from getting wet!

  4. Nic

    I like to imagine the order of events that must have happened here. The unmitigated triumph she must have felt engaging the free water machine without thumbs, followed by the creeping realization that it didn’t know when to shut itself off, followed by the desperate gamble of putting all of the reachable things in the sink to stop the leak, and the final resignation to her soggy fate…barring the cold feet. Ain’t nobody got time for that


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