26 Responses to “my dad as a bed”

  1. Mo

    I live in an old, drafty farmhouse and I taught my 85lbs. lab to lay on me like this in the winter. It is the best way to nap, in my opinion! 🙂

  2. Debbie Roberts

    We got our first basset as a puppy and the vet said “Congratulation!! You’re going to have a 65 lb lap dog”. We’ve owned five and all of them have loved cuddling up with us. It’s great to feel so loved!!

  3. Beaglesrule33511

    I suddenly feel lucky that the love bug in our house who does this to me (all the time) weighs in at only 13lbs (not one of our beagles). LOL He’s hot as furnace, too, so I can imagine you get all nice and toasty.

  4. Andrea

    Wonderful! What a snuggle bug! One of my dogs does this to me when I read on the sofa. The other one cuddles on my feet. It’s so cozy!

  5. Toni

    Rupert, our (fat) mini schnauzer always has to lay on someone. We call him a sleeping pill because for some reason, when he lays with you, you fall asleep. I love that he loves to cuddle, especially in the winter.

  6. Weim-mom

    My 2 Weims love to sleep in my lap when I am sitting in the recliner. We r crowded but they r happy – isn’t that my purpose in life??


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