17 Responses to “No good deed goes unpunished!”

  1. Jennifer

    Aw, he looks like he is still a puppy. He was probably scared to be in a new place and when he finally got comfortable, well he made it his own.

  2. Sarah Bear

    Thank you for doing that! I agree he looks quite young and was probably just scared and/or overwhelmed. He sure is cute!!!

  3. Woof!

    Thanks for helping him! It must have been a huge mess…. but the story brought a smile to my face. 🙂

  4. Laura

    I find that when my puppies are hungry and need to poo they act up. Then they eat and poo and then sleep! 😉

  5. Kayti

    He looks JUST like my 14 month old Lucy! I am interested in adopting the little guy! Can anyone put me in touch with his foster family?! Where is he located? Thanks!

  6. Ni-Chan

    Awww… the poor baby, he must be one of the last puppies to be born because mines use to that too expect run out to the street… And she was one of the last puppies to be born, it took nearly a month to finally break that bad habit. And I have to say, thank you so much for taking in the cutie… You have no idea how many times I wish I could do something like this for a dog…

  7. Vilma

    Not unpunished, what you did is forever a good deed. Hope the little guy finds a forever home.


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