8 Responses to “Oscar’s Shame”

  1. Mary jane

    Our Beagle mix Sasha did this too, it was an electric stove and she was trying to get the tub of margarine on the counter next to the stove top on the island. She managed to tip the tub over onto the burners then turn them on, we came into black smoke and flames from oil and plastic. SIGH she was hiding with her brother Yoda in the laundry room pretending it did not happen.

  2. BEKinFL

    You really should tell her to heat the pizza in the microwave when you are not home. 🙂

  3. Bear's human

    Well this makes me thankful for my el cheapo 20 year old range with the burner knobs on the upper rear panel of the unit – no chance my somewhat lazy) beagle/basset mix will ever possess the height (or motivation) to accidentally turn on my stove while I’m out.

  4. Brackie

    Oh god, I read a story in the paper not long ago where the dog DID turn on the gas hob. Poor dog was killed and the house burned down. I’m super paranoid about it now…


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