5 Responses to “Otto, FiberPug”

  1. Nicole Mether

    Hahaha. My nephew doggie (Brussels Griffon) does that with Kleenex. He has even been caught in the middle of the dining room table to reach some.

  2. Jan

    My mini American Eskimo dog Lexie does the same thing. She grabs anything paper and runs out her doggie dog and shreds it in the back yard. We also call her our paper shredder. Otto must love extra fiber in his diet. He is cute.

  3. Jennifer H.

    Does that make him a self-cleaning dog?

    I feel for you. Ours loves dirty tissues and keeps me on my toes, because she cleans out my pockets hunting for them. I now have to put the tissues in the trash can and put the trash can on the back of the toilet. It’s delightful!

  4. Gerri

    My Levi will empty out tissue boxes and decimates the boxes. tissues are still okay. I think he’s trying to figure out how they come out of the box, lol.


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