8 Responses to “Projectile Jack Russell”

  1. Sarah Munn

    She is so beautiful! I love her sweet face. Its lovely that she loves you so much

  2. Andrea

    My dog is scared to death of the treadmill. She will not go anywhere near it when it’s on! I guess I should feel lucky about that.
    Cute dog too!

  3. Michele

    Buy her a doggie treadmill and set it up next to yours! There’s a company called dogPacer that sells them. And I hope you both are OK!

  4. ajay

    my dog likes to be where i am at all times. makes it so hard to walk anywhere with a small dog walking right against my leg or even between my legs… hate to think what he would be like on a treadmill !

  5. stephanie

    My little shih terrier likes to walk next to me at all time. I have to xtra careful if I get up in the middle of the night


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