15 Responses to “She didn’t think we’d notice…”

  1. bringontheshaming

    Awww….how can anyone get mad at that sweet, remorseful little face! hahaha She’s beautiful btw!!

  2. Angie Horn

    You wouldn’t believe the damage to chair rungs that a small Pug can do as well…

  3. toni

    It wasn’t until after he was gone that we discovered our GSD of 15 years had, at some point used the rungs on two of the dining room chairs to naw – just ever so slightly as not to get caught.

  4. Lori Cunningham

    We also discovered this has occurred in our house. Our American Bulldog, Brutus, chewed the bottom rungs of our bar stools in the kitchen. Caught him chewing on the legs of the dining room table today. Guess the multitude of chew toys, bones, and ropes he has are just not enough! Yes, he has no shame.

  5. jennifer

    My dog trainer said wood feels great to teething puppies, and by the time teething is over…a habit is born!!

  6. BrendaSt

    Our Shih Tzu did this, as well. We used some of the liquid you can buy at the pet store to rub on things you don’t want your dog to chew. She apparently didn’t like the taste because she stopped doing it.

  7. Lab Rat

    Habanero Tabasco is a great deterrent…put it where they’re chewing at, they’ll never chew chairs again….

  8. Jennifer H.

    A friend had this same problem. Get empty vegetable cans, clean them, and remove top and bottom. They stack well and can protect the legs. They aren’t pretty, but they ARE functional!

  9. Carla

    She truly does look sorry. And teeth marks just give the chairs “character”…


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