12 Responses to “Shhhh don’t wake the pup… uh oh!”

  1. leepatterson

    He’s just a baby that’s what they do get in trouble, but he is such a cute little bugger,

  2. Mary

    Oh gosh! I miss when my heeler was that small. Looked just like that and just as naughty… And so smart the pranks just get better and better…

  3. Stephanie

    Yes…we are outgunned with all heelers. So many reasons that they are awesome…. Be thankful they don’t have thumbs.

  4. Morgan

    my goodness, i always wondered what my dog looked like as a puppy. my heeler looks just like yours! her favourite things to do are eat garbage and bark at the mail carrier.

  5. German Chocolate Betty

    I have a red heeler (18 months) and she’s such a pistol — but soooooooo smart. They are wonderful dogs, but oh, how active they are. Which is why we are always happy when they sleep!!!

  6. click

    Aw, I’m lucky. I got my heeler when she was about a year old, and she was already potty trained and the worst she’s ever done was tear up a tissue from the garbage. We leave all kinds of things out and she doesn’t mess with them or destroy stuff. Maybe it’s because she gets run at least once daily?? She’s definitely super duper smart.


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