4 Responses to “Skunked”

  1. Anika

    My two male border collies did that to me several years ago….of course they picked the night before Thanksgiving and we were hosting it!

  2. Sandy

    I have a black lab that’s been sprayed many times. I don’t think she will ever learn! The first time though was the night before I had a major meeting at work, of course I thought I could smell skunk the whole day….so embarrassing

  3. Van

    Our little 10lbs poodle got sprayed again for the 5th time the other night. I doubt he will ever learn.

  4. Ann Y.

    When I lived in NJ, a few of my dogs got skunked. I’m glad I moved to SC where there aren’t any skunks and I don’t have to worry about that anymore! 🙂


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