10 Responses to “Time to Buy Some Loafers”

    • Stressfactor

      “Their purpose is sinister”….. Man I’m a geek. (See the animated series “Justice League Unlimited” for quote reference)

  1. Melissa Blake

    Looks almost shamed and proud all at the same time! Adorable (and creative!!)

  2. Leslin

    awwwwww “As long as I keep my eyes close and look the other way, they can’t pin it on me!” 😀 Priceless expression 😀

  3. stars15k

    I read a study in dog behavior a few years ago that concluded the more guilty the look, the less chance of actual guilt. A quick review of this site would seem to prove them wrong. He’s guilty, but knows he will do it again! What a cutie!


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