4 Responses to “Tyrone the Faker”

  1. Amber

    She doesn’t do it anymore, but my Chihuahua (Neutrino) use to fake a limp whenever she was in trouble. I guess her reasoning was that we’d go easy on an injured puppy.

  2. Ravana

    I had a Lab mix who would limp whenever he saw a teenaged girl because he knew that they would coo over him.

  3. Lori

    Once my chihuahua went after the mailman and he gave Peanut a tap with his boot. Peanut wasn’t really hurt because he was running about just fine after but every day when the mailman returned he’d start holding his leg up like he was hurt until the mailman left then Peanut would walk normally again.

  4. Julie

    The first time Thor went to the vet for a vaccine… after the shot he dragged his leg behind him on the table like he was hurt. Nothing a puppy num-num couldn’t cure right away!


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