8 Responses to “What do you mean give it back?”

  1. PIperwest12

    It must be a Shih Tzu thing because my dog does the same, and to make sure I don’t get it back, he lays on it.

  2. Janet C

    He is adorable. I would just have to get lots of toys for him to play with so he would learn he did not have to do this.

  3. Dawn S

    My Pekingeses does this too! He has more toys than I care to admit. He’ll sit on a pile of them, and play with one while the other dogs just look at him like he’s lost his mind. The other two LOVE fetch. I will admit it doesn’t matter, you gotta love them! This pup is adorable!

  4. Ali A

    You need something better to trade, like another toy, a dog treat or piece of hot dog. A little patience and training will work, it sure did for me. Took a whole 10 minutes for him to figure it out! Play is a lot more fun for both of us.

  5. Stressfactor

    This was actually part of the game for my sister’s Westie. You threw the toy, he brought it back then it was up to you to try to take it away from him so you could throw it again. He got miffed if you didn’t play that part of the game.

  6. Piperwest12

    By the way, like I said in my other reply I have a Shih Tzu. That rusty color around the eyes can be eliminated by giving them bottled water only and get this, Poland Spring works the best. I tried a few different brands before it worked, it takes a few weeks but my dog no longer has that.

    • dogkeeper

      The problem with bottled water is that there are zero nutrients in distilled water, versus tap water that can contain beneficial minerals.


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