7 Responses to “What evidence?”

  1. :)

    I saw that face basically every day for almost 14 years. He NEVER left evidence and we NEVER could figure out how he pulled off the stunts he did right up to the end. I miss my naughty Hoover of a beagle boy so very much!!

  2. Penny

    We have a 14 year old beagle that did this same thing last night…love him!

  3. Debi Moore

    lol…..you really can’t say mad at a beagle! They are so naughty…..my 2 beagle boys are ALWAYS into some sort of nonsense that leaves me laughing at them! Gotta love them!

  4. Beaglesrule33511

    Beagles are clever and hungry as heck. Always convinced this (stolen) meal will be their last. Love my hounds!

  5. splacer

    What a handsome hound! My two beagle boys have pulled the same kind of stunts. Only one of them ever seems somewhat ashamed. You can’t stay mad at beagles for very long 🙂


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