13 Responses to “When Kittens Attack”

  1. Andrea

    Maybe she’s having an identity crisis and thinks she’s a Momma bird feeding her baby???

  2. Michele

    Oh Mattie! I think you are sweet, even though you may be sort of a disgrace to your species in some people’s eyes!

  3. Shannon in the desert

    Sweet Maddie, it really is best that you have already learned who is in charge. You have saved yourself so many clawed faces.

  4. Mary Kay Solazzo

    Mattie looks like a Golden. They are the most gentle, sweet dogs ever!

  5. Margo Grace Carr

    My Chow Chow would huff at us if we tried to move the cat away from her food. Apparently in her mind, the kitty was her baby and needed to eat first.


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