5 Responses to “You can’t measure her shame”

  1. Lauren Lucero

    What kind of dog is this? It looks just like my dog Lily we know she is part pointer but she is very small (only 30 lbs) and we have always wondered what she is mixed with! They weren’t able to tell us when we adopted her.

    • Lauren D

      I second that request. My dog looks similar as well also part pointer but we think she is pointer/ Boston terrier/ beagle

  2. Erin

    She’s also a rescue, so we have no clue what kind she is! She’s only 18 lbs. Beagle/pointer/lovebug?

  3. sarah

    My dog looks exactly like this dog and she is half rat terrier half Dalmatian, I have seen her parents and everything.

  4. Lauren L

    When we got her the adoption papers said she was a “pointer mix” and that she would be 45-55 lbs fully grown. She’s a year and a half now and is barely 30 lbs. She has many of the pointer traits but we just aren’t sure what her other half is. Beagle or terrier makes sense she has LOTS of energy and can be very vocal.


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