5 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Abbey”

  1. me

    not my business…but if it was …….I wouldn’t separate these 2 pretty girls

    • stars15k

      Oh, I agree! Unless this kind of companionship has happened with fosters before, it would be so totally cool not to break them up! Abbey must be quite a patient, loving dog!!!

  2. Brooks

    Wow. So great to see the seniors being taken care of too. She can see more with her nose than her eyes and ears (I know, I’m mixing it all up). Love it!

    • Katie

      Puppyness is not a senior…she was born deaf and blind due to her pattern (double dapple). She turns 6 years old in August. 🙂 Abbey is not our first foster and while we love her to death, she deserves a home where she can get more one-on-one attention. Until then, she’s more than welcome to stay with us and play with the herd!!

  3. Leslin

    I had misconceptions about Daschunds before.. I totally fell in love with them after I happened to meet and play with my neighbour’s Daschund one day.. such a sweet loving boy! he ate up most of my ice cream that day, by the way! 😉


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